vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Top Ten: How to spot fake designer items

Hi Bloggers!

Back again with this time the best tips to find/purchase real CHEAP (vintage) designer pieces.
When you decide to buy there are a few things you A  L W A Y S need to check because they're a lot of fake pieces out there, and you don't want to spend 1000/2000 dollar for it. 

Here are some tips:

1) If you decide to purchase online make sure, that the website has contact details, phone number,address...etc.
2)Know how the real product looks like, so you can compare it
3) when product states that is 100 % you can believe it's 0%
4) If product are made in CHINA, INDIA,THAILAND... many of designer brands are based in the US or European countries.  
5) When the design label is written wrong, or the logo is invisible 

6)When the price is too cheap, trust me you can't find a Chanel bag for 100 dollars 
7)Each designer bags has it's own identity so it always comes with a certificate number usually on the inner zip and with the certificate card, if that code is blur I wouldn't trust it either. Make sure the numbers are correct before buying it. 
8) Fake clothes you can usually recognize on the stitching, make sure both side are fully stitched and if it's good or poor quality.
9) Not sure about the online web shop, google the name. Try to find customers who have purchased items.

I've found some online shop that are proven to be good, if you know other website please share them.



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